November 11, 2013

The New Visual Language

11th Loop seeks to provided a more sustainable lifestyle for all to receive. Each of our graphic textile design starts with a walk in Nature observing the patterns in the environment. Natural colors and textures are the inspiration for all of our designs. Once a unique phenomenon is witnessed, by a designer,they document the event by making a digital image. These images are taken back to the studio to be cataloged.  Using computer software and apps the designers at 11th Loop customize each  image to create an unique textile design. 

These graphic textile designs are forging a new look with hyper-vivid patterns and bold colors. We are pushing the boundaries to increase the number of customized designs in our collection. This is an unexplored source of creativity. Our textiles and garments illustrate the cutting-edge advances in Eco-Friendly printing and pattern making. 

Now, with computer software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, textile designs have become more complex then ever.
Digital  printing will soon provide the majority of the World's printed textiles. This is a trend that is beginning to dominate the industry. 

" Let Us Grow Naturally "


     11-11-13 is Our 2 Year Anniversary 

February 11, 2013

11th Loop Review

Life Is Layers, Live It!


Rotation Transformation:
An image rotated horizontally, vertically, and 180 degrees. The original single image is seen from four different perspectives. Combining these patterns the repetition reveals a continuous and seamless natural design. The simplicity of the pattern allows a balance of infinite possibilities.

1 – Spines
2 – Pincushion
3 – Deadwood
4 – Ambrosia Bursage
5 – Saguaro Silhouette
6 – Cottonwood Seed
7 – Desert Thistle
8 – Fairyduster
9 – Saguaro Side
10 – Mormon Tea
11 – Saltcedar
12 – Century Paint
13 – Rock Live-Forever
14 – Witchgrass
15 – Woolly Paintbrush
16 – Saguaro Spines
17 – Golden Cottonwood
18 – Strawberry Flower
19 – Blue Lupine
20 – Wild Cucumber

The start to something special !