November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving in my family is 'Take a Hike Day' meaning for a couple of hours you are outside enjoying the natural surroundings. Today Nathaniel and I walked the banks of the Verde River. In years past we have kayaked the river before a evening feast. Now, we spend time on our two feet, hopping from river rocks, Jumping into the river from the sandy banks, and basking in the cool desert water. Today it was 80+deg. so getting in the river was no problem. Felt good. November in the Sonoran Desert is a time when cottonwood and willow trees are turning bright yellow. The desert broom is blooming creating and white snowlike flurry flying through the air and still it is warm enough to swim. Walking along the banks we find tons of garbage, old cans, broken glass, shooting areas littered and more trash then we can even carry out. We spend a good part of an hour doing the best we can cleaning up. Then take it back to the truck. On the drive home we talked of many different ways we could help people understand this fragile Eco-system. Raising the awareness to our community by coming out for a trek. The true beauty of the Sonoran Desert is deep within the canyons, high up on the hill, and down along the banks of the Verde River. As an Arizona Native I give thanks to having a water source in the desert. Now, it is time that we take care of it. Join for more details on how you can help your local area or you could join us for a trek to experience it for yourself.

"Nurture Nature"

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